about ABE

Thanks for visiting our website.  Please read below to find out more about the A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation.

About ABE™

A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation, Inc. (“ABE”), founded by Rick Sapio, is a nonprofit that aims to plant the seed of entrepreneurship into generations of people throughout the world.  The founders of the movement believe that they will be able to reach more people with their message of purpose, responsibility, and entrepreneurship as a nonprofit organization.

ABE is a movement with the objective to re-define the word, “entrepreneurship” to mean, “Taking responsibility for outcomes,” which ultimately means taking responsibility of one’s life and current situation. A major catalyst was needed to jump start this movement, and spark people to get inspired to find their purpose in life, with the end result of living happier and more fulfilling lives. Therefore “A Billion Entrepreneurs” The Movie was created.

Our vision is for this seed that we are planting to have a huge effect 10, 20, 30, even 100 years from now, to influence family’s and individuals such that people want to have an entrepreneur in every home worldwide.

IMAGINE…an entrepreneur in every home.