Ask any successful entrepreneur what is the secret to their success and you will receive a ton of great information, tools and advice that will surely help you on your journey. Unfortunately, there is only so much time in the day and only so much you can take on at one time. The key is pick a starting point, master it and them move to the next one. I decided to reach out to my network of successful entrepreneurs to find answers and here are the top five answers:

1) A Network
“Having a great network of supportive people will help you along your entrepreneurial path when you have doubts or setbacks. This support structure give you confidence to keep going when the going gets rough,” – Ashleigh Mooney, Business Finishing School

2) Technology
“Up-to-date technology is definitely necessary when starting and building your business. A new entrepreneur needs all the leverage that simple technology provides, because you won’t have employees to do the work for you at the beginning. A computer with basic Microsoft Suite, a unique and dedicated email address, a tablet, a smart phone, and a professionally-designed website with organic search optimization should all be at the top of your list,” – Dr. Ken Adams, founder of several small businesses.

3) Capital
“To start a business you need money – working capital. Whether you dive into your savings, take out a personal loan, or have angel investors or partners, it will be difficult to start something from nothing,” – Debbie Reardon, real estate entrepreneur

4) Alternate Skills
“In addition to the skills and knowledge you already have to start your business, you will need to acquire alternate skills such as public speaking, learning how to hire, sales, manufacturing, marketing, etc. As a business owner, you will wear many hats, and it’s all up to you to make it work until you build the business enough to hire people in designated jobs and departments,” – Michele Andriola, Mutual Capital Alliance

5) Knowledge of marketing and sales
“Your brand and reputation are what you are building as well as your annual revenues. Knowledge of marketing and sales will get you to build your targeted sales funnel, and engage your prospective clients, so you can close the deals later. The repetition of this simple, yet complicated act is what builds a business,” – Angela Marie Franco, AMF Direct

Determining what you need to get to the next level can sometimes be difficult. One way to determine what you need is to first determine what you already have at your disposal. What tools have you used to help you build your professional business and career?