Why I want an Entrepreneur on my team

What is it like working with entrepreneurial minded people?  Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of traveling to Fairhope, Alabama to do an in-depth interview with the Executive Director of Business Finishing School, Ashleigh Mooney, and her lovely family.  Ashleigh is an amazing entrepreneur who is definitely on-purpose.


One thing I want to make sure is, anyone I decide to work with should have traits of an entrepreneur and be on-purpose.

First off, let me tell you about where she lives.  This place was beautiful.  If I ever get the chance to go back, I’m bringing the family.  Ashleigh continued to tell me that she is in the middle of no-where and not to be shocked.  What she failed to realize is going somewhere peaceful and quiet from somewhere crowded and noisy is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.  Everyone I met in Fairhope was pleasant and welcoming.  I even met someone from one of the local shops that sunset from ashleigh back porchgrew up in my hometown of Indianapolis.  Small world.

IMG_1368Ashleigh is a wife, mother, friend, and full-time entrepreneur with big dreams.  This is where working with an entrepreneur really comes into play.  Since I haven’t been to any part of Alabama, I was not familiar with the landscape.  When filming, it is very important to scout the locations before you start filming.  The only options are to personally visit the location in advance, hire a location scout, or trust that the talent can work out the details for you.

Ashleigh did a great job of handling all of the logistics for the shoot.  She made sure her family was available all day for our hectic schedule while making everyone as comfortable as possible.  She set up various interviews with key people in her life as well as secured all the necessary and required location and appearance releases forms.  She placed the film crew in a great location surrounded by tons of great amenities.  And at the end of the day when filming wrapped up, she still asked if we needed anything else.   She was the perfect hostess.

IMG_1341During my year long filming of A Billion Entrepreneurs, I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing and successful entrepreneurs and I’ve never had a smoother, easier working environment in my life.  Our entire cast has been extraordinary when it comes to lining up interviews, securing location and talent releases, and most of all, staying on schedule.  One thing I have found is when someone is on- purpose, it is a win-win for everyone.  And for me, it's like having another highly qualified person on your production team.

As I move forward with completing this project and looking into the future, one thing I want to make sure is, anyone I decide to work with should have traits of an entrepreneur and be on-purpose.  What experiences have you had when dealing with other entrepreneurs in your business?  How have they helped you achieve your goals?  Let me know.


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