Five Tips on How to Get People Excited About Spreading Your Message

This past month and a half has been amazing for us at the A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation.  We spent the first week hosting events in NYC and Dallas to announce our Kickstarter campaign and newly created nonprofit organization on entrepreneurship.

We spoke to a pack house at both events.  Our goal was to gather support for our campaign but more importantly, rally influencers around our message of "an entrepreneur in every home."

I used the following tactics to help others spread our message and wanted to share it with you. These tips apply to both online and offline activity.  I believe you need both components to be fully effective.

1. Make the message easy to understand

The message must be very simple and extremely contagious.  Make sure you know the one thing that everyone needs to know about your product or service.

2.  Make it easy to share

Make sure you give them various tools to choose from.  If you have the resources, include both online and physical tools.   Some people love Twitter, some Facebook.  You can create graphic banners, pre-written tweets, Facebook post, photos and blog post.  You can even go as far as writing exclusive blog content for strong supporters.  Create a resources page on your website with all the tools they would need to reach out to their network.   I'll be writing a separate post on creating a resource toolkit.  This will alleviates the back and forth with the hopefully hundreds of supporters and free up everyone's time, especially yours.

3.  Make yourself available

There are many ways you can make yourself available in the physical and digital world.  Offer to speak at upcoming event.  Online,  you can do a webinar, google hangout, twitter chat, podcast or even a live web broadcast.

4.  Allow them to get involved

Ask them for their help.  Convey to them EXACTLY HOW they can be involved with you.  Spell it out.  Don't assume they know what to do.  Tell them you want them to own the message.  Let them know they are critical to getting this message out.  One of the biggest questions we received was, "How can we help you?"

5.  Make it clear what you want them to do NEXT

Follow up immediately.  Have in place a clear action plan and relay that message soon after to everyone that has shown interested in your message.  Get them while there hot and try to keep them hot.  If not, they will be on to the next big thing.  Folllow up, follow up, follow up.

The Internet has changed the way we do business forever.  Individuals and organizations are starting new online-based businesses daily.  But, one thing we must remember is, you can never discount or do without the component of physical contact.  To truly be effective in connecting with people, you must activate both an online and offline presence.

At the end of the day, we were able to get valuable feedback from the influencers that attended, to help us create the tools they needed to help spread our message.  We realized this event was somewhat of a focus group.  A group of people who really care about entrepreneurship and helping us spread the message of "an entrepreneur in everh home."

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