Don’t Let Your Choices Come Back to Haunt You

Working on the Billion Entrepreneurs project has made me take a step back and think about my past and the bondage of anxiety I was suffering in for so long.  (I talk more about my anxiety in the film, A Billion Entrepreneurs,  and how I was able to push past it.)  As I was preparing to tell my story for the purposes of the film, a part of me was re-living the pain of the past.  It helped me to realize why telling my story is so important.  There are multiple forms of bondage that some of us suffer from; fear, anxiety, depression, toleration, etc.   We will not be able to live full complete lives until we break free from the chains of this imprisonment.  Our families and our businesses suffer when we stay in bondage and do not fight to get out of it.  I don’t want anyone to continue living this way.  Every one of us is completely capable of breaking free and becoming the people we are meant to be; at peace, happy, and prosperous.  It is possible!

I want to share with you how I was able to break free from my anxiety and what led me to the path of entrepreneurship.  It’s called Values Based Decision Making.

We hear the word “values” all  the time. Most of the time,  we dismiss it because we are busy reactive people.  We are always  going from one thing to the next, running around in circles,  and not paying one bit of attention to what is REALLY going on around us.  What if I was to tell you that the chaos you are living in today can be gone tomorrow by following a set of values?

Think about a problem you currently have, and then write that problem down on a piece of paper.  Maybe it’s a business deal that’s gone south?  Maybe you and your business partner cannot get along and it’s affecting your bottom line?  is there someone in your life who is taking advantage of you?  Whatever your problem is,  write it down now.

If you had a set of values in place for the people you allowed into your life and your business,  do you think  any of these problems would have originally  surfaced to begin with?  The answer is NO, they never would have come to light.

If you want to live more peaceful, if you want greater success in your business, then you absolutely need a doorman in your life.  Your doorman is your conscious, that voice inside that tells you when something just isn’t right.  In order for your doorman to work properly, you must have a clear set of values.  You must continue to remind yourself that you will not allow those into your life that do not honor your values.   This includes vendors, employees, friends, and sometimes even family members.  Limit your interaction with those people who do not value what you value.  When you allow people in your life who do not have the same values, inevitably,  problems begin to surface.  If you aren’t careful, you could open the door for people to take advantage of you and your business.

On the other hand, when you have solid relationships with people who share the same values, you will see the chaos subside. You will notice that your life starts to flow more easily and simplicity starts to form.

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