5 Must Do’s For a Happier Future

For most of us, success and happiness will not come knocking at our front door.  In fact if we aren’t careful, and if we don’t put certain actions in place, the opposite could very well happen to us.  I believe that there are five foundational must do’s to set you on the path to success and happiness.

Having values set you up to stand for something, so that you won’t fall for just anything.

1.  Attitude

You have probably heard someone at some point tell you that you can choose your attitude.  I used to think this was totally bogus, and my attitude was a reflection of how someone treated me or how I was feeling, good or bad.   It is so easy to have a victim mentality, but it’s not a happy place to be.  We can no longer allow how other people treat us, or how we feel inside, to dictate what our attitude is going to be.  I’m here to tell you that you in fact do have a choice.  It takes maturity and confidence to let things go, and put on a happy face.  It’s a tough thing for most people to do.  The road to happiness and success isn’t an easy road, but it is a fruitful one.  If you truly want happiness and success, then your attitude must reflect what you want out of life.  We are all stronger and more capable than we like to believe we are.  You are in complete control of your mind and your attitude.  Remember that you have the power to choose!

2.  Diet and Exercise

We’ve all seen the studies, and everyone talks about how affective diet and exercise are; but for some reason most of us choose to ignore the advice of countless doctors and nutritionists.   If you want greater success in this area, then you must make lifestyle changes with food and exercise.  I know it sounds clique, but it’s true.  We are what we eat, and laziness is destructive to the soul.  Choosing to eat the wrong types of foods, and eating a sugary diet, could be affecting your happiness and your performance at work.   When we eat right, we feel right.  When we exercise regularly, we are energetic and happy.  Minimize the sugar and carbohydrates, and set a rhythm to do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day for a happier you!

3.  Values

How would your life change if you set a list of values for personal relationships and for your business?  Setting up a list of values for your life and business is essential to success.  Creating this list allows everyone in your business and in your personal life to know what it is you stand for.   It’s more than just setting up those values.  You must then take the more difficult stop of not allowing anyone in your life that doesn’t align with your values.  Say no at the door, and you will be amazed and how quickly chaos flees from your life.  Having values set you up to stand for something, so that you won’t fall for just anything.   You can learn more about the importance of values in my previous blog post.

4.  Goals and Accountability

How will we get anywhere if we don’t set goals?  And your goals must be in alignment with your life’s purpose.  Once you’ve picked your purpose, and you’ve decided where you want to go, set goals and put accountability in place so that you can reach your goals.  Accountability is an important piece; because when you have to answer to someone else (like a trainer for instance) then the probability for success increases.  Setting goals that align with your purpose will help you fulfill your ultimate purpose in this world.  This will contribute to your personal happiness.

5.  Giving back

Giving brings joy.  Whether it’s as simple as love, time, volunteer work, or something monetary, there is something euphoric about helping and giving to others.  It’s easy to sit back and complain about what’s not being done right in our communities, companies, and other organizations that we are involved in, but we must stop the complaining and be the change we want to see in the world.  If you want more love, give love.  If you want more appreciation, give appreciation.   The more you give, the more you will receive.  It may not be what you expected….it could be something greater and even more fulfilling.

An abundant life doesn’t come by following just one of these five principles.  I believe that practicing and applying each of these is essential.

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